A Message from the Owner

As the old saying goes, “all good things must come to an end.”


My business partner and dear friend Mike, who runs Le Papillon Restaurant, and I opened La Foret Restaurant in 1978. Many may ask why I have chosen to retire while we are still running a very successful business. Unfortunately, for health reasons.


As I begin to reminisce on all the memories of this restaurant, I begin to feel a great gravity of emotion – of happiness, humility, and gratefulness. La Foret has been my home! In 1978, I practically lived on the second floor of the building, which today is a banquet room. I always felt that anybody who walks into La Foret is my house guest – a part of my family and I treated them so. Retiring and closing La Foret will not be easy. I have genuinely enjoyed working with our present and past staff; some of them since day one of opening. My sincere thanks to all of them!


And now about my gracious customers!

Admittedly as I start writing this, there are tears of joy and sadness.

How do I express my appreciation to all those beautiful people who spend all their birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas parties, company dinner parties and many special occasions with us the last 38 years?  To ALL of you: thank you!

To the people who got married here and celebrated all of their subsequent anniversaries with us and introduced their children to La Foret… to all of you, thank you!

And to all those who celebrated wedding rehearsals, baby showers, communions, Bar mitzvahs

And to all of those who dined with us on regular basis for years and years…to all of you thank you!

And to all those whom we created a bond of friendship!

How do I express my gratitude for all of their support even in the midst of our mistakes and imperfection?

Unfortunately, words cannot express how I feel.

I will miss greeting you, and your beautiful laughter in the dining room, your life stories and your sincerity. And of course, the deep sadness I’ve felt from the loss of some of our great customers who became dear friends of mine.


Finally, I have to say: It has been our great pleasure to serve you.

I will be forever grateful to all of you.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, and appreciate all of your support!


Best Wishes,

John Davoudi





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